Camping under the stars, building and sharing a communal fire, helping gather wood, cooking pancakes for breakfast, chatting around the fire with new friends of all ages, playing outside whatever the weather, braving the compost loos, time and space to live on the land or having an elemental shower! These are some of the simple wonders of Sacred Arts Camp that children love.

Whilst parents and carers may be busy enjoying some well needed relaxation and rejuvenation, there is an abundance of activities for the young ones to do too. Every morning and afternoon there are varied workshops offered in and around the 'Creativity Hub' to choose from, with helpers on hand to assist where needed. Activities vary year to year but have included Candle Dipping, Tie dying, Book-making, Whittling, Hula Hooping, Forest Creations, Recycled Art and Drama activities.

Sacred Arts Camp also provides for the under 5's who have their own space to explore with their parents/carers and make friends with other little ones. Workers will be on hand with plenty of toys, books and materials, ready to share a song and a smile!


Teenagers at Sacred Arts Camp can look forward to a wonderful variety of experiences to inspire and enjoy.

Young adults aged 16 - 19 are able to camp separately in the young adults’ space.
Teens younger than 16 are NOT permitted to camp in this space.

All young people under the age of 18 remain the responsibility of their parents or guardians regardless of where they camp.

Often, pre-teens will create 'satellite' circles, alongside their parent's circle; allowing them to feel the amazing freedom that camp can offer whilst building their own skills to live on the land and in community, with an added degree of safety. There are 'teen friendly' shower cubicles and sauna slots exclusive to teenagers, usually separated by gender.

Teenagers can look forward to youth exclusive workshops and creativity, forming lifelong friendships and gaining confidence, all within the safe and friendly camp space. Older teens often look out for younger ones, so that age becomes much less of a barrier for teens than in any other social environment.

For those younger than 14, there are activities created to allow mingling between older and younger teens, with the opportunity to attend workshops when held in the teenage space. Hot chocolate nights are regularly organised for the younger teens, and these can provide opportunities to meet with the older teens, ask questions and learn from their peers' wisdom.

A variety of field games, such as Capture the Flag, Dodgeball and Football, are held on sunny days, and always draw a large crowd; and of course there is always the Table Tennis Tent, to play and socialise in, when the weather is less welcoming! Teenagers will find Sacred Arts Camp a wonderful place where friends can be found, workshops enjoyed, creations made, and life explored.

"I've been going to SAC for a few years now with my 2 teenage boys.  The camp has really helped us all get on better.  It's also been great in giving them the chance to try out independence skills in a safe space.   I've made some really close friends and so have they. ” - Hannah