Peace through the Arts Reborn - from an idea by Samuel Lewis

Sacred Arts Camp aims to bring together people from all over the world to discover our unity within diversity, to build friendships and to recognise common human bonds through Dance (primarily the Dances of Universal Peace), Song, Movement and Arts that honour the spiritual richness of our world. People of all ages, from all backgrounds and from all nations are welcome.

We believe in holding a space where spirit can move and community can thrive. Within this context we seek to feel the rhythms of the Earth beneath our feet and celebrate our creativity.


We manifest the vision through the following:

Living and being with others in small communal circles with shared eating and cooking on wood fires.

Encouraging shared responsibility for the running of the camp resulting in some work through Karma Yoga for every participant 13 years and over.

Providing opportunities for sharing groups, rituals and celebrations.

By inviting and supporting facilitators (of Dance, Movement, Voice and the Arts) and their communities.

By inviting and supporting facilitators of programmes for the whole family as well as specific groups.

By offering a large tented Cafe, open for hot meals, and snacks throughout the day.

By providing a reception with First Aid facilities.

By providing a Gate presence and that the camp is closed to new visitors after the first Sunday.

By ensuring sustainable site facilities are used.

By acknowledging the specific needs of disabled people and our elders.

By clearly stating no drugs and alcohol are permitted on the camp.

By running the camp in a co-operative way.

By using surplus funds for reinvestment in sustainable development for the camp and to promote Dance and Sacred Voice Work.

By respecting and caring for the land where the camp is held

By inviting both postive & negative feedback to help enhance the camp for future years

By listening to the voices of and recognising the value of the young people who come to camp