Regional Events & Camps

Since 2019, it has been the intention of Sacred Arts Camp help encourage the creation of more regional events and camps all over the UK to expand the essence of Sacred Arts from just the one big camp to lots of smaller events over the course of the year.

These events have blossomed over the past few years and the intention of this page is to list those events and camps,

If you are hosting an event or camp and wish it to be listed on this page, please email details to

East & South East

Camp: Dancing Hearts Community Camp

26 - 30 July 2024, St Ives, Cambridge

  • We have a beautiful big field, just half an hour from Cambridge. Lots of space and lots of Sky.
    We share meditation each morning and dances in the evening. We co-create each days programme, with many of the attendees bringing their own gifts or practices.
    Now in our 4th year, we could use the strength and wisdom of more campers experienced in living and sharing in the SAC way.
    So, if you like being in small groups and big fields, and would like to support us in embedding sacred ways with this growing community, please join us.
  • More information:

Wales, West & South West

Day Event: Dancing in the woods

  • The dances in the soods heve been paused for the moment.
    We are thinking about where to go next, trying to find the essence of what we want to do.
    We have been dancing in Leigh Woods for 3 years now, since lockdown times, but will be pausing and re-thinking after April - please contact Morag and share your wishes and concerns.

    Before lockdown, we danced in various Bristol venues. We have loved dancing outdoors in nature, and sharing a fire and food together, and the joys and hardships of being away from buildings; keeping something of the summer dance camps going all through the year; the ritual of being with the woods in each season. 
    But there are many people for whom the "roughing it" element doesn't work so well, and Leigh Woods is not that accessible for lots of reasons. We would like to find a way to share music and dance that connects with a wider community. 
    This is part of an important discussion on what we are doing, whether we need to significantly change things.

  • Contact Morag ( for more details (including directions) and/or to be added to the mailing list.

      "It felt like an antidote to the hard edges of our city be on the land, with space to week of the year!” - Pat