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Camping Top Tips

To avoid having to take warm clothes off and put cold bed wear on at the end of your evening,  put your sleepwear on under your ‘day’ clothes straight after dinner, before you go back out to Dance.   That way you will only need to take the top layer off, and still get into bed warm.   Yum yum.

On a chilly evening, clean your teeth with warm water, and so avoid feeling chilled.

Keep some small kindling inside your tent, it makes re-lighting the morning fire so much easier, especially on cooler or damp mornings. If you can use some paper or card as a base too, even better. Matches kept in a sealed plastic tub works well too.

Feet cold in wellies?   Rub feet to warm them, then wrap in toilet roll and put boots back on. . . .excellent and easy insulation.

Make friends with an adjoining circle early on,  ready for when any of you need to borrow something . . . bigger pans , an axe, kindling,

If you feel you need a torch to get around, shine it in front of your feet, not straight out, as it can be blinding to other night time wanderers!

Empty your washing up water out as soon as you’ve finished using it. . . then you’ll avoid a greasy line around the bowl.  Using eco-friendly washing up liquid means this can go straight on your turf. . .hurrah !

For ‘cooler’ camps, take a spare flannel to the shower; use it to take the worst of the water off your body after showering, then use your towel. It won’t get so wet and then prove hard to dry.  (Draping it over your car seat will help dry it too.)

Have a tidy up about Thursday, to re-claim all ‘your’ things from around the circle. It really helps to dodge the Saturday pack up panic.

Keep fire wood in your circle covered up, it will smoke a lot less if it’s kept dry.   Ask around to see who has a spare tarp.

If you have a communal structure with ‘trip hazard’ guy ropes, poke in a flower or something to make it more noticeable . . . charity shops are great for ‘pretend ‘ flowers.

Wearing socks in bed helps you stay warm. . . . rub your feet to warm them first.     On really cold nights wear a hat too.   You’ll get a better sleep when you’re warm

Share a slice of cake with someone in the Cafe .

Written by Deborah Kehe

Posted 27/01/19