Activities for all the Family

Activities for all the Family


Who are the Dance Leaders this year?


These deceptively simple dances, sometimes called body prayers or moving meditations, which can be joyful and yet profoundly life-changing, are inspired by the wisdom and sacred phrases of a number of spiritual traditions. More about the Dances of Universal Peace...


Circle Dancing, with live music, happens every evening. The Circle Dance Band welcomes all musicians. Dance, Play, Sing, or just watch and enjoy the atmosphere and the sunset.


Explore your cycle of energy through this type of freeform dance and personal growth practice.


We have a long history of using dance to effect altered states for the benefit of all beings and so, naturally, would adapt to incorporate ecstatic dance into our programme. Sacred Arts has only 'real musicians' so our dance band is open to all natural improvisation musicians and is called "We are DJ". We will also have a Cacao ceremony. Musicians, voices and Dancers are very welcome"


Who are the Voice Teachers this year?


Every day there are opportunities to find your voice and share beautiful harmonies from around the world with our team of excellent Voice Leaders.


Simple devotional chants, mostly in sanskrit. Anyone can join in and enjoy these uplifting songs.


Meditative harmonies sung in many different languages creating a sacred atmosphere.


Many creative activities will be on offer throughout the week. These may include Tie-dye, Woodwork, Drama, Felt Pictures, Collage, Upcycling, Clay Work and other craft workshops. Some activities may be age specific but most are suitable for all.

Flow Skills

Make your own poi and learn how to use them. Hoop Dance and performance for all ages and abilities is popular. 

This often takes place on the Village Green and sometimes, if we are lucky, we have musical accompaniment!

Story telling

7pm is Story Time! Our team of Story Tellers will excite young and old with tales of the Unexpected! There are also Late Night Story sessions for those brave enough to attend!

Sports and Games

We have a dedicated Table Tennis tent and offer coaching as well as a tournament through-out the week. In the afternoon there are Sports and Games on the Village Green - Volleyball, Dodgeball, Capture the Flag, Frisbee, Football and much more!

Spiritual Practices

Sacred Arts Camp aims to bring together people from all over the world to discover our unity within diversity. We celebrate this diversity through various spiritual practices including: Sufi Practice, Yoga, Qi Gong and Mindfulness.

Acoustic Music

Opportunities for musicians are many. Whatever your skill, you will be welcome to join in. There are practice sessions for musicians each day, for both the Dances of Universal Peace and Circle Dance. Other spontaneous opportunities arise through the week and you can share something at the Cabaret Finale. Drumming has a regular slot each evening, bring a drum or we can provide you with one.


Most days we have a Morning Gathering, an opportunity to share information and ideas and to come together as a community. In addition to the programme we offer space for celebration and ritual. There are Women's and Men's Spaces, sharing groups and opportunities for spontaneous gatherings.

"If you love to dance and sing this is the place to be. The Dances of Universal Peace,

circle dancing and singing workshops are held and lead by experienced leaders.

The musicians and music are wonderful and enhance the whole experience.

It is such a joy to be part of this camp." - Jan