Staying Well Guidelines

Staying Well Guidelines


The Health, Safety and Well Being of everyone at camp is paramount for an enjoyable and nourishing week together. Being in a field, in changeable British weather is never going to be plain sailing, and over the last two camps there have been numerous cases of illness, both stomach/ sickness and cold/flu type bugs. This year we have the added concern of not knowing what the unfolding Covid situation will bring.

Members of the Holding Group have searched through advice and reports to see how best to minimise the spread of illness through the camp community, to help us all keep ourselves, our families and our circles well and happy.

We need to share the following pointers for you:

1. WASH YOUR HANDS WITH HOT SOAPY WATER. Every time we visit the loo, Every time we start cooking/eating,  Every time we go dancing or any other activity where we may be holding hands.


Germs stay with you through cold water.

Site crew will give every circle a metal bucket specifically to keep hot water in. Fill it, heat it, then keep in at the edge of your fire pit and it will stay hot enough to wash with. Use a separate cup to transfer water into your own vessel to take to your own soap.


Anti-Bacterial gels give some protection against covid and will be available at entrances to venues but they are not so effective against other camp bugs, particulalrly when used on grubby hands.

2. KEEP HYDRATED. Dehydration can accelerate symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, sickness and heat stroke as well as undermining immune system function – when the cells lining our nose, throat, lungs and intestines are under-hydrated they are less able to stop the progress of microbes. Signs of dehydration in adults and children include:

· feeling thirsty

· dark yellow and strong-smelling pee

· feeling dizzy or lightheaded

· feeling tired

· a dry mouth, lips and eyes

· peeing little, and fewer than 4 times a day

Last year two of our community who needed medical attention offsite were both dehydrated. . .which then exacerbated existing medical conditions.

3. DON’T SHARE GERMS. If you start to feel unwell, tell someone in your circle and seek help from the First Aid team. You probably wouldn’t want to share anyone else’s germs, so please don’t share yours. Coughing or sneezing anywhere other than into a tissue, or your elbow, will share germs more generously than you’d intend.

H O T  S O A P Y  W A T E R. Yep , it’s important enough to say again. Please Protect yourself , your family and your friends.

And finally. . . . . .If the above points seem too much to follow for a safe week, then just follow these two:

1 Avoid enclosed spaces at all times

2 Avoid any physical contact or connection with anyone.


Keep safe . . . Use Hot Soapy Water. . . Drink more water . . . Don’t share Germs

"Each year at Sacred Arts we sink deeper into community, and dance, and peace” - Deborah