To support a safe camp for everyone there will be fewer tickets available for 2022 and a commitment to adhere to Covid precautions (if circumstances dictate) will be part of the booking Terms and Conditions. - Bookings will be a two stage process to accommodate this (see the Bookings Page).

With Safety for everyone at the forefront of our minds, the Holding Group realise that we can’t return to ‘what was’. We know that nothing stays the same and that the majority of us want to join together again however we can, and in safety.

The First Aid tent will be next to the Gate where some basic first aid resources will be available for use.  Circles are encouraged to support each other with medical and first aid needs.  A First Aider will be on call most of the day.  In addition, we have a nominated Well Being Coordinator, whose role will be to oversee the health and wellbeing of the Camp and address concerns.

The ‘Staying Well’ guidelines have been augmented to include specifics and will be subject to how the situation is unfolding and relevant government guidelines. However, several aspects are in response to the increasing incidence of stomach, flu and cold bugs experienced during the 2018 and 2019 camps, so new guidelines were envisaged before we had even heard of Covid 19! 

This is what we are asking you to agree to for SAC 2022

Take care of yourself and others:  There is a higher risk of cross infection from covid and other infections at large gatherings.  If, prior to coming to camp, you have any symptoms which indicate you are unwell, please take the precautions appropriate for you and the community. We realise there are symptoms of Covid which are also symptoms of other infections and that there will be a range of views, so 

  • Come to camp ready to respect a diversity of views and positions
  • Follow the ‘Staying Well at Camp’ guidelines 
  • Do not come to camp if you have Covid – and take a Lateral Flow Test before coming to camp once symptoms have cleared
  • Bring masks, a hand washing bowl and Lateral Flow Tests (if you have some) to use at camp if you develop any of the symptoms.  The latest variant of covid causes painful symptoms for some, so paracetamol or similar may be useful 
  • Use Circle Time to talk through how you will manage infections in your Circle
  • Self-isolate if you develop any symptoms of coughs, colds, tummy bugs at camp

    Staying Well Guidelines

    "Very  glad to be back again at Sacred Arts Camp. . . .  .

    with countless moments of Heaven  . . .

    sitting on soft  grass as people saunter by,. . . . . .

    watching children race around, laughing with new friends. . . . listening to musicians warming up, whilst lying back watching the red kites overhead. .. . . . Bliss.” - Deborah