We won't have the familiar Shop, but Don’t Panic !

This year we are introducing

Shack ‘Tastic!

With problems of rising costs and fewer people willing to take on managing the familiar shop, we have had to think long and hard about how to provide for campers basic food needs.

Ideally we’d like to reduce the number of outside trips needed and have considered how to balance that wish with the reality of differing individual choices and preferences.

We are hoping to provide a pared down offering of the Top Ten most popular items ; gleaned from past years ‘trade’, and covering the daily basics;

Fresh bread, milk and yoghurt, eggs , various root vegetables, fruit and salads.

We’re delighted to say that we have a manageable framework in place and Gina has stepped forward to hold it all together for us.  The shop will be open 

1pm - 2.30pm Sunday to Friday

It’s far simpler than before, and just as important ... some circles may opt for shared shopping trips out and this can be discussed during the first circle sharing time.

Together we can balance the best of both, fresh basics on the field, and more support and sharing in our circles. It’s different to before, but together we can make it work!

"I've been going to SAC for a few years now with my 2 teenage boys.  The camp has really helped us all get on better.  It's also been great in giving them the chance to try out independence skills in a safe space.   I've made some really close friends and so have they. ” - Hannah