Workshop Leaders 2022

Workshop Leaders 2022

Here are the details of those we know about so far.  We will post more details as soon as we have them.

Watch this space!

Christina Gulzar

Sharing the Dances is one of the greatest joys in my life. I lead Dance days and Retreats in the UK and abroad, also combining the Dances with the powerful practice of Heart IQ on our Embodied Awakening Retreats which I run with my partner, Simon.   During the Covid lockdowns we were also inspired to offer Zikr Dance and practice on Zoom and were amazed how well it worked   I am also a Dance mentor and have enjoyed co-leading two successful 2-year Dance Leader Training programmes with Jilani. 

My career in teaching and teacher training brought me to Newcastle upon Tyne where I now have a 22-year practice as a wholistic health practitioner using kinesiology,  functional medicine, inner journey work and other tools to help people heal at all  levels.  

I am passionate about how we can create a space in community for collective healing, inspiration and creativity, finding new ways to relate and be together, which is so vital at this time on our planet.   I see our Camp Community as part of this evolution so I am embracing the role of Camp Advisor with humility, in the spirit of this calling.    I feel the transmission of the Dances with the meeting of souls and hearts, connecting beyond words, is more vital than ever at this time.  

In short, I love to help others blossom, young and old, and I never cease to wonder how deeply people are touched by the Dances, and how glorious it is to witness their coming home to themselves in this way.

Juan Nuraddin

Born in 1988 in Spain, he plays clarinet with great vocation for the music within the heart. He has been inspired from 2011 by several Sufi communities around the world to deepen in the language of the heart, bringing his life to be involved as a bridge between Sufi communities in South America, Europe and the Middle East. He has been initiated in the Sufi Ruhaniat by Murshida Darvesha and he is currently leading Dances of Universal Peace in Spain and in the Middle East, participating as one of the main organisers in the DUP Beyond Initiative for Turkey and Iran. Also it has also been very important in his path to know the master Dr.Oruç Güvenç and the sema gatherings organized by TUMATA every summer in Turkey. He has hosted and guided Sufi gatherings in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Iran, Spain and Turkey, opening a space to awaken the heart.

Robert Salik

Robert Salik first came across the Dances of Universal Peace in 1997, and his involvement in them has grown steadily over the years. As a regular dancer at many events, especially dance camps, he was struck early on by their power to open the heart and connect us. Soon he began drumming for the Dances, and a little later started playing guitar for them. In 2013 he was no longer able to resist the pull to lead Dances, and in 2018 became a certified Dance Leader. With his wife Jilani he has led Dances in and around Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire, and has often led at dance camps in England, as well as in France and Germany. Since the pandemic he has led with Jilani a twice weekly online Sufi group; and has also co-led a number of online retreats with Jilani, and several with Simon McIntosh. As a leader he brings a sense of vibrant energy to the Dances, transmitting qualities of joy, heart and stillness.


Discovered the Dances with Aziz, while exploring the Sufi path in the London Center over 30 years ago. She felt her heart's wings opening and taking flight. It was a  beautiful feeling of homecoming. She has been dancing ever since in many venues around the UK and mainly holding space for the dances on a weekly meeting at the London Sufi Center and co-leading a group in Sussex for many years. 

Any occasion is exciting to share the dances and so she has led dances for women's retreats, interfaith gatherings, family camps, birthday parties and weddings. She is completing a two years plus dance leadership training with Gulzar and Jilani. 

As a leader she brings deep listening, joy and enthusiasm. 


Sophia did her first Dance of Universal Peace at Findhorn while still in her teens. She was amazed and inspired by its energy and power, but it was another five years before she encountered the Dances again. Since then, she has been to camp twice a year almost every year. Sophia started leading a regular group of Dances of Universal Peace in 2009 in Kings Langley and she has also led at other venues as a guest teacher, at ceremonies and Dance camps. Sophia has led Dances with children, adolescents and with adults with learning difficulties. Since 2017, she has led introductory Dance workshops at the City Literary Institute, Europe’s biggest adult education college. Sophia leads monthly Dance events in Hitchin with Daren Messenger, which are followed by a fire and food (weather permitting)! She was a co-creator of the first Sacred Hearts camp in 2021 and will be leading there again this summer.


Karim fell in love with the Dances in the 1990s and they have been an important and transformative part of his life ever since, including much learning and also a great deal of joy. Together with his wife Susanne he leads regular groups in Birmingham and Herefordshire as well as co-leading an online group with Alan Heeks and contributing to Interfaith events in Herefordshire. His work as a Craniosacral therapist and current training in Integrative Baby Therapy are significant threads in his life which inform his approach. Karim also loves singing Bhajans which he will be offering at camp as well as Dances. In both these ways he feels that we help each other through group attunement to open to the blessings of Love, Harmony and Beauty.



Kate originally found the Dances in Brazil in 1995, then in Australia, and was delighted to also find them in the UK on returning from travels! She has been leading the Dances for many years in a generally pretty reluctant fashion, and also plays drums and the clarinet for Dance circles. She is very keen to support and explore the joys and discomfort that leading or playing music for the Dances can bring.
The Emerging Teachers session will be a daily gathering where we dance in a supportive and sweet circle of souls. There will be opportunity to lead a dance if you wish to, with support from our musicians and support from each other.
You may be right at the beginning of your dance leading journey… you may have been leading for many years and are keen to lead in the camp circle…this is our space. Join our daily practice!

Simon McIntosh

Sacred Arts camp is very special to me - not least because 13 years ago I met Gulzar here - and we've been together ever since!

Two years before that camp the dances of universal peace 'found me' (thanks to Ralph) at a crisis point in my life and they helped me get through it; they've stayed a really important part of my life journey. 

At SAC my main role over the last 5 or 6 camps has been facilitating in the men's space.

This year I'll be co-leading with Gulzar three morning 'Integration Practice in Community' sessions to help people process some of what has been going on for them since the last camp and to develop more resilience. I will also be facilitating some morning sessions exploring the future of our camp. I've been facilitating consultation processes and groups all my adult life - it's work I've always loved and I've been involved with local people in Glasgow, Cambridge, Leicester and Newcastle over that time. 10 years ago I trained in 'Heart IQ, a powerful approach of embodied awakening, and with Gulzar I've been running many groups and deep dive retreats using 'HIQ'. It is work which continues to guide me into new personal growth, and it's a privilege to see how it transforms the lives of participants. So I'm looking forward to sharing something of it at camp this year.

Su Lewis

Su has been singing all her life. She has been a Natural Voice teacher since 2003 and believes that singing together is a natural activity for everyone to take part in. Her teaching style is very relaxed and informal and she quickly gets you singing in gorgeous harmony. She is on a mission to share her passion to get everyone singing.

She runs weekly singing groups and community choirs, regularly leads voice workshops at summer camps and singing holidays around the world, as well as working as a freelance workshop leader, community music event organiser, songwriter and performer, singing and performing with a women’s acapella group for over 20 years. She teaches a variety of songs, from her own compositions to old favourites, ranging in mood from calm and contemplative to high energy numbers with luscious harmonies.

Sarah Pennington

Sarah has been leading natural voice workshops since 2001, working with both small and large groups of adults. She is a member of the Natural Voice Practitioners Network, she runs two singing groups in Devon, and she is co-founder (with Gilo) of Big Sing Dorset.

Her intention is always to create a safe space in which everyone can enjoy their voice and mingle it with others, to enable everyone to experience the magic of harmony singing, especially the sense of community that it can bring.

At the Camp she will be leading mostly morning sessions, teaching spiritual chants liable to move the heart to joy or peacefulness. She particularly likes to work with the Harmonic Temple, a body of harmonised chants written by Nickomo using mantras from various spiritual traditions for affirmation and healing – angelic sounds to summon up warmth and wonder.

Bruce Knight

Bruce has been running singing workshops since 2000. He is known for his upbeat and

energetic style, and his love of songs with simple dances or movement. Bruce runs the 100-strong Songlines Community Choir in Warwick and Leamington Spa, and is a regular teacher at the Unicorn Natural Voice Camp. In 2003 Bruce travelled to Sierra Leone to learn Mende gospel songs. He enjoys creating his own harmony arrangements for acappella groups, and also leads a weekly circle dance group. Bruce is a member of the Natural Voice Practitioner’s Network.



Ty Lynne was first introduced to yoga by lovely Elizabeth while living in the Thai jungle in 1990s and has completed teacher trainings with Sivananda Yoga UK and Devon School of Yoga.  She is inspired by the vastness of the yoga path, from the physical practices that take such wonderful nourishing care of the body to the rich philosophies and teachings that underpin it all.  As well as Ty's ongoing journey with yoga, she is also inspired by the Dances, the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta and Buddhism.  She lives on Dartmoor with her family and teaches nearby.  Ty is so happy to be sharing yoga at camp.

"The camp leaders and loyal campers are amazing people, they run the camp like the most nurturing home with open arms to newcomers like me.  Many people came and chatted or just smiled to me over the course of the week and by the end of it I felt we had become part of an amazing family." - Emma