Sacred Arts Camp Holding Group

This Years Holding Group

Hello, we're this years Holding Group. If you see us around the camp we'd love to hear any feedback or suggestions you might have.

Dan link with Creativity Area Coordinator, Clare Miller

I love the chance to live on the land, sing Bhajans, share in the Men’s Space, play table tennis, chat and eat around the fire and deeply connect with other wonderful beings through the Dances of Universal Peace. Sacred Arts Camp gives me and my family the chance to experience the joys and challenges of living in an open hearted community that nourishes us through the year.

Linda link with Administration Area Coordinator, Diane Cheshire and Programme Area Coordinator, Darvesha Misani

My daughter had school friends who loved camp……..she hassled me relentlessly until I reluctantly agreed to forego a beach holiday in the sun for a week of changeable British weather in a tent.  That was 25 years ago and I have only missed one camp since!  I love the dancing, the singing, the workshops, the camp fires, community and chance to meet up with old friends as well as make new ones each year.

Daren link with Facilities and Support Area Coordinator, Phil Noble

I am a grandfather, father of two adult daughters and of a teenage son. My son was in my wife’s womb at the first meetings of Sacred Arts Camp and he has learned to socialise, to be compassionate, to cook on open fires, living in small groups with nature on the land, to play music for pleasure with other musicians, to dance etc each year at camp.  I believe being a part of this temporary community has made him more whole.  It has me!  This is a place to be mindful with your family and I heartily recommend it.

Deborah link with Site Area Coordinator, Tim Mills

I love this land, and relish the sense of community and acceptance that exists so strongly here.  I enjoy the great range of workshops and activities, and the freedom to do as much or as little as I like, and to still feel loved and appreciated.  I could talk for hours of the benefits of being here,  but mainly I encourage people to come and feel it for themselves . .

Liz link with Administration Area Coordinator, Diane Cheshire and Programme Area Coordinator, Darvesha Misani

Sacred Arts Camp gives me the opportunity to completely depart from my urban environment and desk job and re-charge my batteries with the love from our community and the unity of dancing, singing, creating, cooking and just being together in such a beautiful location. Sacred Arts Camp brings me untold peace and happiness; I love it.

Jilani Camp Adviser

In a way, my children were only born because of camp. Having decided children were not for me, I saw a way of life on the field where children and families were included and supported. Seeing the little ones sleeping in the middle of the dance circle, amongst the musicians, held safely at the very heart of the spiritual and physical community, my heart was touched and changed. My children grew up in this community and they have lifelong friends and a wealth of positive experience, independence and emotional maturity as a result. And most of my own closest and deepest friendships are those I have made through camp. Each year is a chance to deepen and reconnect, and these relationships now extend far beyond a week in the field, to nourish and sustain me all year round.  .