The intention for 2022 is an emphasis on having time and space for simply being.

Focus will be returned to supporting each other within our circles and encouragement of community responsibility and co-creation. 

More opportunities will be available for Circle time and the programme will begin with a Dance session on the Saturday night rather than the Friday night to allow us more time to 'land' in our circles. 

We ask that circles will work together to support each other with challenges that may arise, like ill health, shopping needs etc and develop more self sufficiency whilst at the same time, deeper connection will continue to be created across the field, and through the programme.

Also we plan to offer space within the programme for further visioning towards Think Global, Act Local - the continuing development of local groups to spread the ethos and positive energy of our wonderful Camp Community

"So often life seems like it is never really fulfilling the promise we somehow feel it has made just by our being alive. For me the camps do deliver that promise in so many ways." - Phil