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We hope to use this space to explore some of the feedback that we receive from Campers - to share information that we hope will enhance your Camp experience. Please get in touch if you have ideas for things that can be included.


Camping for Elders

A conversation with friends about the trials and tribulations of camping as you get older has prompted me to write about the kit and caboodle I’ve accumulated to extend my camping years!


My body is increasingly particular about what it needs in the way of support and encouragement to maximise the chances of it coming along Sacred Arts Camp willingly, particularly when the weather forecast suggests there will be heavy rain and gales (waterproofs, wellies, extra towels and clothes, newspaper to catch drips, stuff into wet shoes etc), followed by a heatwave (sun-tan lotion, wide brimmed hat, aloe-vera gel) with a chance of ground frost somewhere along the way (sheepskin, hat, gloves, thermals, extra blanket). As an.... VIEW FULL POST


Written by Linda Winn

Posted 03/01/19

The Difference your Camping Circle Makes

Every year the Holding Group reads through feedback, looking for the patterns, seeing what it might be time to change, noting areas of concern that need to be addressed and so on. The problems of finding a circle, particularly when you are new to camp, are a frequent theme. Over the years we have explored a variety of ways to encourage and support ‘newcomers’, including Gate Team walking round the site with new folk, introducing them to... VIEW FULL POST


Written by Linda Winn

Posted 07/01/19