Sacred Arts Camp is a well-established Camp organised by the community for the community. It is a not-for-profit organisation. We aim to create a Camp that welcomes all people and supports and nurtures each individual as they share in activities and community life. Our Vision and Ethos.

The Holding Group is a team of committed campers who work throughout the year to organise Sacred Arts Camp. The work of the Holding Group requires abundant amounts of energy, patience and willingness to serve the SAC Community and is a wonderful way to be a part of creating a thriving and sustainable Camp.

The Holding Group is supported by the Wider Working Group, who receive the minutes and agendas from the Holding Group Meetings and contribute ideas to the process. They will also get involved in specific projects when appropriate.

This structure and process is informed by our Constitution and Approved Guidelines.

During the Camp we hold a Camp Forum and a Business Meeting to which all Camp members are invited. The Forum and Business Meeting are ways in which people who attend the Camp can offer their support and voice their ideas about the way that it is run. 

A rough breakdown of Camp running costs:

  • Rent: £4,700
  • Structures £6,000
  • Site costs including Storage £4,000
  • Café including hire of equipment £4,000
  • Dance leaders Expenses £1,500
  • Holding Group weekend hosting and expenses £1,000
  • Stationary and advertising £1,000
  • Total: £22,000

Detailed Accounts

Safeguarding Policy

Health and safety Assessment